Pain Ease Salve

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Tired of that dull, achy, or nagging pain; give Pain Ease Salve a try.  This salve is wonderful for very painful areas.  Full of three strong and amazing herbs in a wonderful, red-orange colored salve.

Cayenne Pepper is great to help with muscle and joint pain.  Cayenne has a substance called capsaicin that has wonderful therapeutic benefits.  

Arnica is used topically and can help with the following conditions: bruises, muscle aches, inflammation, swelling, and joint pain.  

St. Johns Wort is anti inflammatory, and can help calm nerves and possibly relieve nerve pain.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, St Johns Wort, Arnica, Cayenne Pepper, Beeswax, Essential Oils: Peppermint and Ginger. 

1.5 oz glass jar

For external use only.  Not recommended for pregnant women.  Not regulated by the FDA.  This is a homemade product.  This product is not intended to diagnosis, treat, or cure any illness.