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about us

from our family to yours.

The Herb Square has been in business since 2017 and continues to add new products each year. We are located in Donaldson, AR, and in a few local stores that vary each year. During the Summer months you can find us at Farmer's Markets in nearby towns.

The Herb Square started with a small, handmade herb garden given as a gift for Mother's Day one year. Growing herbs is so fun to us and we've always cooked with them. We started removing chemical cleaners from our home in 2012 and then eliminated harmful personal care products.  In 2017, we started exploring ways to use herbs to help us with our everyday personal needs. We began with salves & lip balms and moved into soaps, lotions, etc.

Stacie is a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild and attends continuing education courses each year.  She is also a student of The Herbal Academy and takes classes each year involving all facets of herbs, natural health, natural products, & botanical studies.

We are a family of 4 and live on family land out in the country. It is very peaceful & quiet. There is plenty of outside space to hang out in and to grow plants & trees.  We have 2 large dogs and a cat.  

We spend our days working from home, going to school, and sports events with our daughter.  Our son is older and works. We love taking walks, listening to music, exploring our great state of Arkansas on hikes, and traveling. 


we care about you.

The Herb Square in Arkansas is committed to providing all-natural bath and body products free of toxic chemicals. We only use natural & organic oils, herbs, and essential oils in our products; nothing synthetic or harmful. We believe everything you need to take care of your skin comes from nature.  We are very cautious about the ingredients we use and try to local source when possible. Our goal is to have natural, herbal products to choose from for head to toe personal care.

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